VEGAN LIFESTYLE NEWS: Miss Superfood to Collaborate with Vegfest UK

Vegan, animal rights activist, best known as “Miss Superfood” will be collaborating with Vegfest UK later this month, in a bid to help educate and inspire more people to try a compassionate vegan lifestyle.

Miss Superfood, otherwise known as Jessica Michael, of Brighton, East Sussex, has almost 18 years experience of a vegan lifestyle.

Originally going raw, vegan in 2002 to cure her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which left her bed bound at 18 years of age.

Her recovery was so transformational that she went on to run the London Marathon in 4 hours and 15 minutes to celebrate her incredible, life changing, revived lease of life.

Fast-forward 17 years and Jessica is now the ethical owner of modern day vegan, cruelty-free, award winning skincare brand; Rawgaia Superfood Skincare.

The published author of Jessica’s Raw Chocolate Recipes (Leaping Hare Press) and Raw Chocolate Treats (North Atlantic Books).

And the mother of two very healthy vegan children.

Jessica says, “Going vegan has been the gift that just keeps on giving...

I originally started eating a plant-based diet to improve my health condition. This led to educating myself about the animal agricultural industries and the billions and billions of animals that are needlessly, systematically bred into existence and then slaughtered each year to meet our food, clothing and entertainment demands.”

She adds; “Once I grasped the reality of what these sentient beings have to endure for us to turn them into consumable food and lifestyle products, like clothing, furnishing and also entertainment, I consciously chose to become a compassionate, ethical vegan.”

Jessica goes on to say; “This has been the best decision I have ever made. My health at 36 years of age is far better than it was when I was 18 years old, and I have lost and kept off over 2 stones in weight with little effort required.

But most importantly, I’m not contributing any longer to the cruel and unjustified industries that are built and developed around misleading the general public, whilst they exploit the lives of trillions of innocent victims.”

Vegfest is the UK's leading vegan festival, but it didn't set out to be, as Tim Barford the founder comments: ‘’To be truthful, when Vegfest started back in 2003, it was a good excuse for a party. And party we did, with Bez out the Happy Mondays on the decks for the afterparty. But over the years, the show has morphed a bit to feature almost every facet of veganism as a way of life. This year especially at Brighton there’s a big focus on activism. There’s no doubting the increase in activism – and with this rise, there’s a need for more self reflection, analysis, critique, debate and discussion to help ensure safe growing movements that are law abiding, non violent and respectful – but also effective, and responsible. VegFest provides a framework for this sort of work, and we look forward to seeing thousands of visitors over the weekend.’’

Jessica will be facilitating two workshops at Vegfest UK Brighton this year:

“Everyday Activism – How to go from armchair vegan to overnight activist,” where she will be showing and inspiring people on how to get more active in a multitude of ways, and informing participants of the wide range of different pro-vegan activities and animal rights actions that they can get involved with to help contribute to spreading the vegan message. Some of which are highly controversial.

Jessica will be hosting a “Rawgaia Superfood Skincare Pamper Party” for VegFest attendees, which is a fun workshop whereby participants are guided, step by step through her organic facial ritual, using her award winning, natural, superfood skincare products.

All Jessica's superfood skincare is certified by the Vegan Society, Cruelty-Free International and PETA.

Furthermore, her Organic Goji Goddess and Hemp Glow ranges are certified by the Soil Association to COSMOS Organic standards.

Jessica will be guiding the organic spa facial to help men and women reduce stress levels, learn self care techniques and understand the fundamentals of looking after their skin using quality, natural, organic, raw, vegan products.

All of Jessica’s Rawgaia Superfood Skincare will be available for participants to try out and experience during the guided self-facial session.

Rawgaia Superfood Skincare will be available on stand G2A, within the main hall of the 2-day festival.


Vegfest UK is heading to Brighton next and celebrating it’s 10th year, on 23-24 March 2019 at The Brighton Centre. 11-6pm Saturday, 10-5pm Sunday.

The event will feature around 230 stalls packed full of a wide range of vegan products, around 19 globally inspired vegan street food caterers and around 12 featured areas and 80 special guests.

Products will range from the latest vegan meats, cheeses, chocolates, cakes, milks, alcoholic drinks, smoothies, juices, snack bars, superfoods, supplements, sauces, to clothing, footwear, bags, skincare, cosmetics, jewellery, magazines and more!

Features will include a selection of Talks on various subjects related to being vegan, such as Fitness, Health, Veganic Growing, Radical Veganism, plus an Animal Think Tank, Cookery Demos, an Art Exhibition, a Kids Area, Live Music, Comedy, Panel Discussions and more. Advance Tickets:


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Rawgaia is an award winning, international brand, famous for its raw, vegan, cruelty-free, natural, organic skincare and nutrition plans. Rawgaia is registered to COSMOS Organic standards with Soil Association certification, along with Cruelty Free International, the Vegan Society and PETA. Rawgaia’s is widely known for manufacturing natural superfood skincare collections that are cold pressed (raw), organic, pure and made with love by the ocean in Brighton, UK. Nothing artificial makes it into their colourful recycled bottles and jars. Free from SLS, parabens and other harsh chemicals, only the highest grade botanical ingredients, extracts and in-house infusions are used. Rawgaia is a vegan owned brand by Jessica Michael, a vegan animal rights peace activist, published vegan recipe book author, Nutrition Consultant and mother to two vegan children. Jessica campaigns for plant based health, animal rights issues and environmental welfare.

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