Sanomentology® is fighting back against labels and out of the box treatments for mental health

Labels put people into boxes they struggle to get out of. Sanomentology® is smashing open those boxes with its Dream Architecture therapeutic method, which can free people from chronic health conditions. It uses processes that have their foundations in science, and are inspired by ancient practices long forgotten by modern healthcare.

By harnessing the power of dreams to heal, they are helping people to achieve their full potential. Once liberated from their symptoms, people can shed the labels that too often become part of their identity and hold them back.

A diagnosis of depression, for example, gives a name to a collection of symptoms. This may be useful in some ways, but it comes along with a plethora of unhelpful stereotypes and it pushes individuals into generic treatment pathways. These one-size-fits-all treatments can be barriers to successful recovery. Ignoring important factors and never getting to the root of the problem, they sometimes even ask people to go through difficult processes that can exacerbate, rather than solve, their issues.

Sanomentology®, on the other hand, offers its clients a unique holistic method to address the underlying issues causing each unique individual's anxiety. It's a simple but revolutionary method using a combination of therapeutic processes to address the physical and emotional pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia and PTSD. Martin Rothery, founder and creator of Sanomentology® says: "The possibilities and capabilities of this groundbreaking process are as unlimited as the very mind itself.

Standard healthcare channels have their place, but they fail so many people when it comes to mental health. This programme is for people who are fed up with being fobbed off by a system that simply doesn’t work for them, are ready to break free from the conditions they thought they had to live with, and want to start moving forward with their lives."

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