‘Self isolated self groomers’ go viral in charity raising for coronavirus NHS heroes

Poised to go viral and raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities, including those related to the NHS, Selfie Salon has gone viral in social media with the issue that is on everyone’s mind, and just starting to be talked about. Our potential appearance slippage whilst in isolation. Longer hair, the unintended beard, the neglected nails, whilst the beauty and hair industry is in close down.

But moreover the initiative has already raised several thousands of pounds and is poised to be the ‘Live Aid’ of the coronavirus crisis on a global scale. At the same time as putting a groomed smile on all our faces, old and young, as we battle self isolation.

The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Matt Hagger, who until now has worked in secret on the project, Selfie Salon simply asks us to dedicate a ‘before’ image, do our own self grooming, take an ‘after’ image and post both on www.selfiesalon.co at the same time as making a donation to a chosen charity.

Tagging five friends and one celebrity in the process sets the target of a faster engagement rate than the infection rate of the dreaded COVID19 virus, showing the world that we can all smile in the face of adversity, and demonstrate our real appreciation through donations to the people and charities who are heroically looking after us.

In short, Dedicate, Donate, Nominate in the tagline.

Driving Selfie Salon, Matt Hagger says, ‘We are all feeling the effects of self isolation, and our appearances are starting to show it. Our hair is getting a bit unruly, and the ladies nails are suffering, but the beauty salon and grooming parlours are closed. So we have one option. A do it yourself job. Which is bound to create some disasters and lots of smiles. So let’s share the smiles and pay for the disasters through donations to the people, businesses and organisations that are giving everything to us as the world reals from the effects of this awful virus. Whatever you would have spent on the grooming, (albeit you might have asked for a refund!), now put to a good cause through Selfie Salon. Every single penny donated goes directly to your chosen charity.’

Using his contacts and his own resources, Matt Hagger has created the Selfie Salon concept in just a few days and is looking to use the good side of social media to boost morale and financial support to those who need it.

‘By asking participants to encourage 5 friends and 1 famous person to do the same will see us reaching out from our self isolation and for a few moments enjoying virtual reality. I am challenging us all to do what we all know is the right thing, and with luck, as we escape from our isolation we might almost look in reasonable shape’, added Matt Hagger.

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