Artificial Intelligence Designed This T-Shirt. CYBR pushes the boundaries of AI technology with a new T-Shirt drop with artwork designed by the latest AI intelligence.

CYBR pushes the boundaries of AI technology with a new T-Shirt drop featuring artwork designed by the latest AI intelligence . The CYBR Artificial Intelligence limited edition T-shirt is available now at RRP £28.00.

With the rise of A.I. art tools, the possibilities for creativity have been unlocked. Artificial Intelligence software such as Google’s Dalle2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are allowing artists and creatives to create art like never seen before, all entirely generated by A.I.

CYBR Magazine took this concept and, using Stable Diffusion, created an artificial intelligence-designed T-Shirt utilising a series of complex text prompts to instruct the A.I. on what should be designed, much like giving an artist a brief. This process is more involved than we might imagine as A.I. Art has many more complexities, which means having to change and edit the prompt as if talking to a robot to explain the brief of what is wanted from the design; however, done well, it can produce incredible results.

From this, CYBR produced four works of art, one of which became the T-Shirt. CYBR also printed the prompt used on the T-Shirt to give inspiration and knowledge to their community on how to produce works of this quality and complexity.

“A.I. Art creation right now feels like the early NFT boom. There is so much creative talent working on complex prompts and code, experimenting with this new technology, and at the same time, a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding of just how much work can go into the creation from the human side of the equation.”

Artificial Intelligent art creation is the beginning of the path to singularity; even if this may not be conscious, computers are now taking prompts from users and trying to define an artwork that will be pleasing to the eye. It’s not hard to imagine a path where a computer is making choices about what looks good and what doesn’t, and at that point, who is being more creative, the human or the machine?

“At CYBR, we constantly push the boundaries of what is possible with technology today. Our mission is to merge the physical and digital worlds through media and fashion.” James Joseph, CYBR Founder

Notes to Editors

Following CYBRs first seeding round, the company continues its expansion into the A.I. & AR fashion apparel fields supported by investors Kanosei Ventures, Megan Kaspar of Magnetic Capital and Stefano Rosso as investors.

AI Designed Artwork.

Featuring AR Filler.

The A.I. T-shirt connects with CYBR’s Machina season, which features EXOSAPIEN's giant real-life mech robot, to Everyhuman's artificial intelligence perfume with 250 billion combinations, the new Delorean (yes, there's a brand new electric Delorean!), to Westworld, the iconic artist MGXS, fashion designer Romeo Romeo, and the self-balancing motorcycle MOTOROiD.

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