Climate Emergency: CYBR presents "Earth 2070" featuring The Worlds first Nuclear Influencer Isabelle Boemeke

Launching today, 4th November 2021, CYBR Magazine's 8th issue entitled "EARTH 2070: Dys(u)topia" focuses on our climate emergency and the future of our home planet. The magazine comes in two covers, one depicting a dystopian world where our planet has been destroyed and a utopian future where climate change issues are a thing of the past.

The cover star, Isabelle Boemeke, is a Brazilian model, digital fashion designer, and the world's first nuclear energy influencer going under the pseudonym ISODOPE. A regular attendee of the Met Gala and close friend to previous CYBR cover star, the one and only Grimes has allowed Isabelle to push her green energy message in a gen-z bitesize manner. Now in partnership with CYBR, Isabelle is bringing her message of change via the medium of the future, AR.

CYBR's Earth 2070 cover and 3D design have been created by renowned artist SHXPIR. Each cover comes to life in 3D when scanned with a smartphone with a contrasting scene featuring Isabelle Boemeke dressed in brands such as Windowsen, Forbidden Knowledge and even a digital fashion garment by DressX x Isabelle.

The magazine delves into our Earth 2070 future featuring Tesla's effort to build the first circular car with Cybertruck, Climeworks carbon capture technology, AIR Co, a Vodka made from CO2, investigating whether Hyperloop is the green transportation we need, digital fashion from Meta Gala and This Outfit Does Not Exist, and shoes made from apple waste.

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Boemeke states: "Nuclear is one of only two technologies with a track record of successfully decarbonizing grids, the other technology being hydro. But of course, there is a tiny problem, most people hate or fear nuclear power. I noticed this bizarre disconnect between reality and public perception and saw an opportunity to deliver the facts about nuclear energy in a unique way that tapped into my creative skills. As a fashion model with a social media presence, I knew the best way to deliver that information was through creating content that people already gravitate towards, like makeup tutorials and workout tips. I also decided to create a character that was eye-catching and intriguing and so Isodope was born: an almost alien-like, fission-powered creature who uses memes and humour to deliver the truth about nuclear power."

"We have to stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. Progress is incremental, and renewables and nuclear, although imperfect, are orders of magnitude better than fossil fuels.

Whichever future we choose to dream of will ultimately be the future we build, since our current and future actions will be aligned with that vision."

"Interestingly, nuclear power will also be necessary if we are ever to colonize Mars. It would be challenging to send, install and maintain the amount of solar panels necessary even to generate enough fuel for return journeys, let alone maintain a base. Wind doesn't work on Mars, and geothermal is a big question mark."

"No technology is perfect; there will always be a downside or some unintended consequence. However, we can improve upon them incrementally. Nuclear fission is just one of the many gray balls, technologies with incredible potential for creating and destroying our species stumbles upon or creates. We need to become wiser and learn from our past mistakes, develop better regulations and ensure we always use them for improving human lives, our society and planet."

Editor James Joseph states: If we were aboard the OFF-WORLD space station, right now sirens would be wailing, ominous red lights flashing, and the AI communicator would be blaring: "life support system failure. Complete shutdown in T minus 30 minutes." The crew would be all hands on deck, desperately attempting to fix the issue to avoid complete destruction.

Earth is our mothership, yet despite one of the worst pandemics in human history highlighting just how fragile our 7,000-year-old civilization actually is, we're ignoring the fact our life support is about to fail.

Turkey is on fire, Greece is on fire, Canada and California are on fire, North Korea is flooded, and inconceivably the crucial lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest is failing, now expelling more CO2 than it can capture. How are we still not taking drastic measures, in the same way we did to fight COVID-19? Is Climate Change still not understood enough? Surely the ominous red flashing lights and sirens are loud enough. So is it that we've given up?

Earth 2070 is our attempt to inspire change. We as a civilization have to make dramatic changes now or our society will have peaked, capitalism, an old trip to the moon half a century ago, and the internet will be as good as it got, because otherwise in 2070 we'll be fighting for our lives on a desolate wasteland in an environment not too dissimilar to Resident Evil Extinction. Other lifeforms will jot humanity down as "Didn't even reach Type 1 civilization". Sound bleak? It is.

Dystopia or Utopia? The choice is ours.

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Notes to Editors

Earth 2070 is a climate change issue exploring technologies that could help in the effort to tackle climate change.

Articles from Tesla, Cybertruck, Climeworks Carbon capture tech, Air Cp, Hyperloop green transportation, digital fashion from meta Gala and This Outfit Doesn't Fit and shoes made from apple waste.

Featuring the world's first nuclear influencer, Isabelle Boemeke

Covering topics connected to COP26

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